The Question!

How does one know if they are marring into a dysfunctional family?

  1. Spend time with the family unit. How does the mother and father communicate?
  2. Is anyone in the family addicted to alcohol or drugs?
  3. What is the mother or father’s past home life?
  4. What is the families recreational activities?
  5. How do the other children in family, if there are any, interact  within the family? Or is your partner the only child?
  6. What are your potential partner’s idiosyncrasies?
examples: What TV shows do they prefer? Why do they not like or do like children?  What kind of friends do they have; have you met them? What do they do for entertaiment? How do these friends treat their spouse?  Be aware of what goes on around you and how your partner treats others.
These are only a start.  Any questions or comments?
Let us care about each other.
Your friend Leslie

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