Welcome Home to a safe place to communicate and interact with others who share the same problems coming from a dysfunctional home.


Ask yourself how to stop the madness…

All though I do not claim to be an expert in behavioral or communication issues extending from dysfunctional situations; however, I do believe this site would provide a good format for us to meet and explore how each other copes or not. By communicating and learning from each other each could reap some benefits.

What I do bring to you is my experience as a young lady who wished to have a better life and how I made this happen. I have also studied these subjects in school and think I can tell what is taught and how I used both experience and scholastical knowledge.  But most importantly I have the desire to help others to step out of this vicious circle of dysfunction individuals/families.  If we can do this we will have a better world; for what is the world, the earth, without people who know how to give and receive love, to be honest in all we do and pass this down to our next generation? See: About Leslie Lotton for more on this subject.

I have created some topics and questions that may help us to begin exploring our feelings and difficulties. Your identity will be private to the group unless you wish otherwise.

Take a minute to look at the trailer for my book Unidentified Person in Italy.